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Monthly chart of NumberOneMusic

Great to see my music is still doing well. I’m currently writing new songs since my studio is finished. My health is better so I can spend more time in my studio. At the same time I’m improving my mixing and mastering skills which will create better sounding tracks.

thanks for visiting …

Still going strong after years …

NumberOneMusic Chart for The Netherlands

Soon I will be finished rebuilding my studio and I can finally start with my first album. Due to health problems it took me so much time to finally get to this point but I’ve almost finished the rebuild. New and better equipment has been installed, the studio has a much better acoustics which will undoubtedly produce better mixes. Due to nenrve pains in my arms I had to find a way to put everything in a place that allows me to spend as long as possible in my studio. It’s a small place but it all worked out.

I’m planning to do a remake of Shoreview Meditation because although it’s still very popular at the time my understanding of mixing was zero. It’s a miracle it turned out the way it did. I’m very grateful for all people who made it possible that the songs above have been in the top 10 of cinematic, instrumental and ambient genre for so many years it’s unbelievable! I hope the new tracks will be as popular as the list above. Thank you for supporting me all this time and I hope I can extend the amount of listeners to Spotify and other streaming services.

If you like to support me to be able to copyright my work and do maintenance on my studio, consider buying a song or donate anything to PayPal, I am very grateful for any support!

Thank you

Rebuilding my studio after 15 years …..

Old layout of the studio

Hello my dear music enthusiasts!

After years and years of putting it off I decided to join a mixing course.

I was tired to end up with songs people like to listen to but I knew they could be produced much better. They were just not good enough produced for let’s say Spotify, ITunes, etc. it could be better.

I came across this guy named Graham Cochrane he is a wonderful teacher and I learned more about mixing audio during 1 hour watching Graham’s videos than I did in during the last 15 years listening to people on YouTube trying to explain how a compressor, etc worked! So Graham if you ever read this, kudos to you! You’re the man 👍

But during the first walkthrough it became clear to me that my room acoustics and setup were far from ideal. When instructed to remove some bass frequencies on a track, Graham said:”This will open up the whole mix”. Well I tried everything from changing the volume to change the hardware settings on the back of my monitor speakers but I really couldn’t hear any difference. That’s when I decided I needed to change the whole layout of my studio and maybe even more. But it became a far more bigger undertaking then I first expected.

I decided to create a blog for you so you can maybe learn or maybe just have a laugh about my complete stupidity. It’s also a kinda of a biography in the sense that it tells you how you decide one day to start making music and start hoarding stuff and after 15 years you have a small room that you can only enter if you but oil or butter on your person and slip in through the slightly open door!

I made lots of photos and you’ll see the progression from a terrible mess to, hopefully, a nice and professional studio where you can work and even walk!

It’s still a work in progress because I’m chronically ill and that slows everything frustratingly down but there is progress after all. I hope you will enjoy the new songs that will be released and they will sound way better than anything that I have produced so far.

Dark Prophecy #1 in film genre

The Dark Prophecy has reached number 1 in the film category in The Netherlands multiple times!
This song was composed and produced by me for a Fashion show with a horror or  Halloween theme.
The original was recorded on a 4 track recorder in a youth center near where I live.
All songs have reached number 1 in different genres in N1M chart The Netherlands.
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