Since he was little, Zwoekie (pronounced Zwooky) has been interested in music. He got his first music lesson at the age of 7. Starting with the flute (as do all kids in the Netherlands who go to music school) but soon he switched to the organ. As he soon discovered Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, they were a big inspiration to him.

Entering his early teens, Zwoekie discovered heavy metal and punk, which made him switch to guitar. He started playing in hardcore bands and even became the light technician in a club called Donkey Shot in Heemskerk, the Netherlands.

But electronic music was still his love and with his mates and a Commodore 64, he learned how to get sounds out of the machine even the manufacturer didn’t know they were possible. Impressed by his work, management of Donkey Shot asks him to write music for a fashion show held there. This impressed local artists who ask him to write a score for the opening of their art exhibitions.

Loving artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Sepultura, Japanese music, soundtracks, Tom Waits and many more, Zwoekie has developed a wide taste in music, which makes his own music interesting and varied.

These days Zwoekie has his own studio in his apartment he shares with his wife, two cats and a dog.

His imagination knows no boundaries so keep checking back for more music.