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Still going strong after years …

NumberOneMusic Chart for The Netherlands

Soon I will be finished rebuilding my studio and I can finally start with my first album. Due to health problems it took me so much time to finally get to this point but I’ve almost finished the rebuild. New and better equipment has been installed, the studio has a much better acoustics which will undoubtedly produce better mixes. Due to nenrve pains in my arms I had to find a way to put everything in a place that allows me to spend as long as possible in my studio. It’s a small place but it all worked out.

I’m planning to do a remake of Shoreview Meditation because although it’s still very popular at the time my understanding of mixing was zero. It’s a miracle it turned out the way it did. I’m very grateful for all people who made it possible that the songs above have been in the top 10 of cinematic, instrumental and ambient genre for so many years it’s unbelievable! I hope the new tracks will be as popular as the list above. Thank you for supporting me all this time and I hope I can extend the amount of listeners to Spotify and other streaming services.

If you like to support me to be able to copyright my work and do maintenance on my studio, consider buying a song or donate anything to PayPal, I am very grateful for any support!

Thank you

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