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Rebuilding my studio after 15 years …..

Old layout of the studio

Hello my dear music enthusiasts!

After years and years of putting it off I decided to join a mixing course.

I was tired to end up with songs people like to listen to but I knew they could be produced much better. They were just not good enough produced for let’s say Spotify, ITunes, etc. it could be better.

I came across this guy named Graham Cochrane he is a wonderful teacher and I learned more about mixing audio during 1 hour watching Graham’s videos than I did in during the last 15 years listening to people on YouTube trying to explain how a compressor, etc worked! So Graham if you ever read this, kudos to you! You’re the man 👍

But during the first walkthrough it became clear to me that my room acoustics and setup were far from ideal. When instructed to remove some bass frequencies on a track, Graham said:”This will open up the whole mix”. Well I tried everything from changing the volume to change the hardware settings on the back of my monitor speakers but I really couldn’t hear any difference. That’s when I decided I needed to change the whole layout of my studio and maybe even more. But it became a far more bigger undertaking then I first expected.

I decided to create a blog for you so you can maybe learn or maybe just have a laugh about my complete stupidity. It’s also a kinda of a biography in the sense that it tells you how you decide one day to start making music and start hoarding stuff and after 15 years you have a small room that you can only enter if you but oil or butter on your person and slip in through the slightly open door!

I made lots of photos and you’ll see the progression from a terrible mess to, hopefully, a nice and professional studio where you can work and even walk!

It’s still a work in progress because I’m chronically ill and that slows everything frustratingly down but there is progress after all. I hope you will enjoy the new songs that will be released and they will sound way better than anything that I have produced so far.

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